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Citibank routinely sends unsolicited credit offers to prescreened customers. When you visit their website at, you are prompted to fill in an invitation number and last name from the letter or application form you received. The same page advertises customer friendly features saying “We’ve got your back” in reference to their budgeting tools and identity theft solutions.

Without an application invitation, you have to visit to find out more about the actual credit card services the company offers. Once you navigate to the right page, you see that this company has more than fifteen different credit cards available. Before you get overwhelmed looking the options, there is a neat tool where select several cards and compare them side by side to find one that is right for you. If you’re not sure which cards you want to select, they are separated into categories such as: rewards cards, travel cards, cash back & savings cards, etc.

These cards have an annual fee that ranges between $0 and $450 per year. The APR also varies. Some cards offer 0% APR for a select period of time; others, however, have a rate between 11.99%-23.99% APR per year. Some cards have unique perks that many other credit card companies don’t offer such as zero late fees or double cash back. Like any offer for credit, an applicant’s credit worthiness will directly impact which card options are available.

There are too many cards from Citi to try and compare each one individually. The “perks” vary depending on the type of card selected. Basically, you must decide what features are important to you and pick the one that sounds like the best match.

  • If you are a big user of AT&T, the AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards Card might be a good option. It offers a discount on AT&T products and services for 12 months, then a lower percentage off after that.
  • For customers looking to earn cash back on purchases, you might like the Citi Double Cash Card. With this card, you earn cash back twice on every purchase. When you make the purchase, you earn 1% cash back. Then, when you pay the balance of that purchase, you earn another 1% cash back. This is a unique feature that might appeal to youngsters just getting started with their first credit card. Getting rewarded for paying your bill? That’s a good deal!
  • The truly credit worthy customers might like the Citi Prestige Card. With a steep $450 annual fee, cardholders are earning big bonus points with purchases and some “superior” rewards and travel benefits.
  • Citi also offers a Citi Diamond Preferred Card. Those who are approved for this card will have access to personalized concierge service. With this, cardholders can get assistance booking reservations for flights and hotels, purchasing concert tickets, and many other types of direct customer service.
  • For the no frills, basic card user, Citi wants to appeal to you too! There is a card called the Citi Simplicity Card that doesn’t have a lot of special perks, but also doesn’t have a lot of fees either. There are no late fees or penalties if you pay past your due date. The card also doesn’t have an annual fee. It’s truly “basic”. No rewards, no perks, and no extras are all wrapped up in the beauty of this simple card. The card does however usually have a long 0% balance transfer term.

Citi ( is well known and well respected in the credit industry as a provider of multiple credit products ranging from home loans, student loans, credit cards, and more. While it doesn’t offer the rock bottom lowest interest rates in the industry, it is backed with a good solid history of consumer credit options. Take a look at their website if you are interested in learning more about the credit card options currently available.

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