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Capital One offers a large line of credit card products for consumers of every credit class. Debtors can have easy access to cards that will allow them to grow their credibility in the credit world. Capital One has options for students, successful individuals, and persons who are trying to re-establish their credit. The bank often gives opportunities to people who receive denials from other lenders.

Capital One Bank is an organization that began conducting business in 1988. The organization offers consumers a multitude of products, which includes secured and unsecured credit cards, bank accounts, loans and more. Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris founded the company, and its headquarters is in Virginia.

Consumers who would like to receive a quick answer for a credit card can turn to Capital One’s online system for help. The online application process is easy and convenient, and applicants can receive approvals in less than 60 seconds in some cases. The following provides a brief guideline as to how a person can complete a Capital One credit card application.

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Items Needed to Complete a Capital One Credit Card Application

A person who wishes to complete a Capital One credit card application will want to have handy a laptop or desktop computer with a strong Internet connection. The person will also want to have his or her identification handy, as the application will ask for such personal information. The individual may also want to have a copy of the previous year’s tax return to provide accurate annual income information. If the person has received a mail offer from Capital One, then he or she will need to have the letter handy to provide the reservation number and access code.

Step 1: Visiting the Site

The first step in applying for a Capital One card is visiting There, the applicant will see spaces for entering the reservation number and access code in the invite letter. Such a person should proceed by entering the appropriate information and clicking “get started.”

A consumer who did not receive an invite can still apply for a card. The bottom left of the page contains a link that a person can click to check his or her qualifications. The exact name of the link is “see if you’re prequalified.” That link will take the person to a brief qualifying form where he or she will enter some personal information and select a credit status and preferred card type. The page will return a list of cards for which the person qualifies. The individual can select “apply now” for any cards of interest.

Step 2: Completing the Application

The applicant should review the credit card terms and agreements to get a firm grasp of the benefits, rules, fees and annual percentage rate possibilities. Next, he or she will complete the first portion of the application, which is the personal information section. The lender will want to know the person’s address, telephone number, email address, social security number, date of birth, housing status, mortgage payment and annual income.

The second section of the application is the employment and banking information section. The lender will want the person to disclose his or her employment status, and it will want the person to state whether he or she has a bank account. Additionally, the lender will want to know if the applicant will use the card for cash advances. The last section in the application has to do with the card’s design. The applicant will need to choose a design for the new card.

Step 3: The Review

The final stage before an applicant submits an application will be the review. The review provides the applicant with another opportunity to overlook the information and the terms and agreements. If the person is happy with the terms and confident about the information, then the person can submit the application. Capital One usually provides online answers to applications within 60 seconds.


  1. You took my information and waste my time filling out the App then Website says unable to presses My Info. You need to respond as to why this took place my credit has gotten better and Capital one has sent 2 dozen mail tell me to apply.

    My is why

    Thank you

    Courtney Kimp.

    • Natalie Cooper says:

      Hi Courtney, I’m sorry you had that experience! Our page takes you to the application which is actually on the Capital One website, so please let them know what went wrong. I hope it goes easier for you next time!


  2. Rcvd letter with access code etc. Put all info in then says interrupted for taking to long. Should call? Also said my e-mail I’ve had for years is invalid! What?

  3. “Rcvd letter with access code etc. Put all info in then says interrupted for taking to long”. It’s happened to me also. It says: “wait, your application is processing” and nothing happened. It is not right since i entered all my personal inf. and my SS#. And you do not accept a telephone application.

  4. Call me in Spanish please, so i can apply. 401-438-9767. Your online application doesn’t work at all.

  5. Hello.

    I currently have a capital one platinum cc. I just received a pre-approval for a quicksilver card. If I do decide to apply for it. Can I transfer from one card to another even though the platinum has a balance. I’m interested in quick silver and its offers but am hesitant to having 2 cards open. Please advise.


  6. could not enter codes: reservation #001-3149-0657-78995 and access code:092064. Where was the space for this?

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