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Ann Taylor Credit Card Review: The Pros and Cons

Ann_Taylor_cardThe Ann Taylor credit card is a rewards credit card ideal for those who shop frequently at Ann Taylor and LOFT stores. Making purchases with this card allows you to earn points for shopping in stores and online.

This is a standard store credit card ideal for those who frequently shop at LOFT or Ann Taylor stores, with the main perk being its initial 15 percent discount for the first purchase after opening the account. It also has a rewards program that allows you to accumulate points for each dollar spent. However, it comes with a high APR, no interest-free introductory period, and below-average rewards for purchases made outside of the store.


The most obvious benefit of opening an Ann Taylor credit card is the 15 percent discount you will receive for the first purchase on the card. Customers who are interested in opening an account can coordinate a large purchase with opening the card. In this way, you can save a lot of money on your initial purchase if you plan to do a lot of shopping.

Beyond this initial discount, the card also allows you to earn 5 points for each dollar spent at Ann Taylor and affiliated shops like LOFT. The company holds occasional promotions where cardholders can earn double or triple points on their in-store purchases as well. For shoppers who frequent Ann Taylor regularly, these points can add up to a lot of savings. For every 2,000 points earned, customers will earn a 20 dollar credit for any future purchases. This equates to a 20 dollar gift card for every 400 dollars spent, equivalent to 5% cash back in the form of store credit. This credit comes in the form of a gift certificate mailed to your home address or sent to you by email.

Another small bonus that comes with this card is an annual birthday gift. The company will send you a gift card for an in-store or online purchase equal to 15 dollars each year to be used on your birthday. While many store member cards have a similar scheme, feeling appreciated on your birthday is still a nice touch.

Finally, the card has no annual fee and no cap on the amount of rewards you can earn in a year, making it a solid choice for those who shop at Ann Taylor frequently. Signing up for the card also puts you on the company’s mailing list, giving you access to coupons and sneak peeks at deals and collections before they come out in stores.


While the Ann Taylor credit card has some nice perks, like most store credit cards it has some disadvantages. First, the yearly APR is a standard 24.99 percent no matter the customer’s credit rating. This means the Ann Taylor card is not ideal for expensive purchases that you are unable to pay off immediately. Carrying a balance on this card will come with a high price.

Additionally, there is no interest-free introductory period as often found with bank cards. You will need to begin making payments immediately on this card in order to avoid accumulating fees.

Finally, the Ann Taylor credit card does not give rewards points for purchases made outside of its stores. This makes the card a poor choice for a go-to card for everyday shopping, as you won’t receive any benefits or rewards for these purchases. For an additional 1 point per dollar spent, customers could consider the Ann Taylor MasterCard. This card comes with the same 5 points per dollar spent in-store benefit, but it also gives 1 point per dollar spent elsewhere. This is still a below-average rewards benefit, though, so customers may not wish to use this card for everyday purchases.

Ultimately, this card is an average store credit card that makes financial sense for people who do a significant amount of shopping at Ann Taylor or LOFT annually.

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