Advantages of Refinancing Your Mortgage with Greenlight Loans

greenlight-loans_toeWhen it comes to refinancing an existing mortgage, you have to know how to choose the right lender. There are many different lenders online that offer refinancing, but there are a few reasons why it pays to refinance with Greenlight Loans.

Founded in 2001, Greenlight Loans has become one of the leading lenders in California. What separates Greenlight Loans from all the other lenders is that this company strives to help homeowners refinance their homes very quickly. In addition, this lender strives to offer the lowest interest rates available on customizable loan packages to homeowners who are interested in refinancing their existing mortgage.

Refinance to Lock in Lower Interest Rates
With mortgage interest rates still at an all-time low, homeowners across the United States are refinancing their mortgage. By taking the time to lock in lower interest rates, homeowners can save tremendous amount of money over the years. In addition to offering mortgage refinancing, Greenlight Loans also offers home mortgages as well.

Currently, homeowners can take advantage of the Light 5 program, which is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage at fixed rates below 3% for 5 years. In addition to its Light 5 program, the company also offers many different home mortgage and refinance options to existing homeowners who want to refinance their home mortgage.

Whether you are looking to refinance your mortgage to lower your monthly payments, need to access the equity in your home to pay for home improvements, college or expenses, Greenlight Loans can help you achieve your goals. Greenlight Loans is a great choice because this mortgage lender is dedicated to helping homeowners refinance their homes even if they do not have equity in their home. Many lenders prefer homeowners who have equity in the home they are looking to refinance.

Quick 30-Day Closing on Refinance Loans
If you need to refinance quickly, then you can count on Greenlight Loan. One of the main advantages of choosing Greenlight Loans to refinance your existing mortgage is because this company works quickly. The company’s main priority is to help people lock in lower interest rates as fast as they can. Currently, this lender is offering a quick 30-day close on refinance loans.

No Equity Required to Refinance Your Home
Greenlight Loans works with homeowners with different financial backgrounds. Whether or not you have equity in your home, you should take the time to contact Greenlight Loans to discuss the possibility of refinancing your existing home mortgage. Although many companies have a strict policy about needing to have equity in a home, Greenlight Loans also helps homeowners who do not have equity.

Many Different Types of Loans
One of the top reasons why Greenlight Loans is one of the best refinancing companies on the market is this company offers a long list of loans that are designed to help homeowners save money. In addition to offering lower interest rates, the company also offers FHA loans, Fixed Rate mortgages, ARM and HARP loans as well.

By offering customizable loans, Greenlight Loans can help homeowners determine which mortgage will work for their situation. Although many of the loans are designed to help homeowners save money with low interest rates, homeowners who choose an ARM are only guaranteed to lock in a low interest rate for the first five years of their 30 year mortgage. After five years passes, homeowners who are approved for an ARM loan will be subject to adjustable fluctuating interest rates for the next 25 years.

If you have been thinking about refinancing your existing mortgage, consider using Greenlight Loans to refinance your mortgage. In addition to offering a 30-day close on refinance loans, this company offers homeowners personalized services that are designed to help them make the right decision. Greenlight offers attractively low interest rates as well.

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