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5 Reasons a Barnes and Noble Gift Card is a Great Gift

BN-gift-cardFinding the perfect gift has never been easier. The gift card program from Barnes and Noble bookstores makes great gifting really simple, with selections ranging from eGift cards to corporate sales and even co-branding options. The cards are available both online and in-store, and all come with funding options to customize their value. They are redeemable to purchase any product sold by the stores, including books, games, electronic readers, and even food and drink items available at the in-store coffee shop.

Here are 5 reasons why a B&N card can be a great gift.

1. Instant gifting: B&N eGift cards

Barnes and Noble eGift cards can be purchased online and sent instantly via email. The recipient can redeem the card by applying the code that comes enclosed in the email, simply by typing it into the “apply code” box that will come up during checkout. The card value applies instantly to the final price.

2. You can also personalize the plastic, traditional gift cards

Barnes and Noble offers a variety of customizable gift cards with options based on the recipient’s preferences and on special occasions including “Thank You” cards, graduations, Mother’s Day, birthdays and even kid-themed cards. These cards can be used for online purchases as well.
For an additional $4.50 you can upload your own art or favorite picture and customize the gift card entirely, including a personalized message.

3. Corporate Sales and Co-branding

Companies, organizations, clubs, and teams can benefit from discount pricing on large orders of Barnes and Noble gift cards. The cards can be used for promotions, as incentives, or for prizes. The cards can also be personalized with the brand of the company (co-branding) and there are bulk-purchasing options.

A minimum of 10 cards is required for purchases ranging from $500 to $5,000. There is no card minimum for purchases larger than $5,000. These cards are available in traditional (plastic) option and eGift cards.

4. Set your price or choose to reload

Some Barnes and Noble gift cards come with set prices that allow you to select the card’s value starting a $5. You can select a card amount up to $350. There is also an option for reloadable cards that can be used multiple times. The reloadable cards are linked to a funding source of your choice.

Whenever you want to add more money to the gift card, you can do it instantly online. Your recipients will receive an e-mail informing them about the transaction and they can redeem their additional funds right away.

Another great option is scheduled re-loading, or scheduled funding. You can opt to add a specific amount of money to the gift card every week, every payday, or every month—it is entirely your choice. This type of plan is great for college students who could use their cards also toward the purchase of study guides, writing supplies, and textbooks.

5. Redeeming the cards is simple
All you need to do to redeem your Barnes and Noble gift card online is go to and click on the “Add Gift Card” option. Enter your card number and scratch the special code that is unique to the card. Cards entered online can still be used in-store as well. The card balance continues to update each time the card gets used, so you can always find out how much money you have available.

If you receive an eGift card you can print the voucher and use the code in the voucher at the time of checkout. Some cards are emailed only with a code, and some can be emailed like certificates. Whichever the format, they all contain a code for redemption, which discounts the value of the card from the retail price of a purchase. The process is swift and quick.

The range of products available for purchase at Barnes and Noble stores and at is quite varied and exciting. Purchasing a gift card or eGift card allows you to give your loved one or friend a chance to get something truly special. It is quite a unique gift that lets your recipients choose what they really want.

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