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5 Discount Shopping Sites You Should Know

online-deal-sitesBlack Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer the only times in the year to find deep discounts online. Known only to money savvy customers, ultra-discount and odd-lot websites offer daily sales that range from one-day specials to weekly discounts that end as soon as the products are sold out. Here are five of the most visited ultra discount websites that you should definitely add to your list of favorites:

No More No More Rack offers ultra low prices in every shopping category possible, from jewelry to clothing, electronics, cooking, and even food packages. You must act quick because the sales will only last while supplies last. To keep updated on what is available you can join a mailing list and even get points for purchases. Sometimes you may need something of higher quality and value to meet the needs of very special people. This is when you may need to visit Formerly known as “One Sale a Day”, 1sale is now a higher-end/deep-discount website that offers great prices for expensive products. You may find it a bit steep to pay $300 for a diamond necklace, but when it has been discounted from a price tag of $2,500, you may find a new appreciation for the three-digit budget gift. This is the site that you need for your “very special” treat, but they also have lower-end prices in other products.

Smart is a site that has existed just as long, or even longer, than more popular sites such as Overstock. SB is like a deep-discount department store. You can get home articles of all kinds ranging from bedding sets, furniture, glassware and silverware. You can also get personal items and jewelry. This site became sort of overlooked by bigger sites as well as by bidding sites, but Smart Bargains has maintained its high quality standards for product distribution. This site, which is almost a mirror site of No More Rack, offers you year-long super deep discounts in toys, clothing, jewelry and tons of other goodies. But they have also unique items too such as portable washing machines, dry/wash machines, computers and….wine! The sales are amazing but they all have deadlines listed at the top of each product. This could be beneficial for buyers who need to wait to buy items at specific times of the month. To others this may mean waiting and hoping to get the product quickly enough before it is bought out. Either way, Woot! may motivate you to keep your budget ready for the next big deal.

Retail Me Not: Last but not least on the super favorite list of deep discount websites is one that you may be more familiar with: Retail Me This awesome website offers printable coupons, coupon codes, and flash offers every day. All you need to do is type the name of the store, website, or brand name that you are looking for and wait for the money-saving deals to pop up. Make sure that you click on the coupon icons so that you can print them from your computer.

When using codes, make sure that you activate your copy/paste feature so that you can access your sale faster. The good thing about this site is that people actually interact with it. Therefore, you will see ratings in the form of “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” provided by people who have actually tried the coupons. You will find the most effective coupons listed first while those that do not work are listed under their own category as “unreliable” or “not working” coupons and codes. This gives you peace of mind when placing an order.

So, there you have it. You do not save to sacrifice your budget to make the perfect gift. Just do your research and be sure to visit these sites to check out what they have to offer!

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