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5 Benefits of Using Cumberland Farms SmartPay

CumberlandFarmsFor those people who have a Cumberland Farms convenience store in their general vicinity, you are now in a position to save as much as $0.10 per gallon on gas purchases. Cumberland Farms offers a program in which customers will receive a swipe card that connects directly to their checking account. Users can simply pull up to the pump, swipe their card and enter their pin number, and their saving will equate to 10 cents per gallon. This program is facilitated by the National Payment Card Association to ensure that the transaction will be safe and secure.

In addition to the initial savings, there are a number of additional benefits to using SmartPay, which makes it an ideal method for paying for purchases at Cumberland Farms.

Following, are five benefits of using the Cumberland Farms SmartPay.

1. Instant Savings

Many payment cards and credit card savings are set up around a rebate system, which means that the user will have to pay the regular rate of front, and the savings are usually realized after a certain number of purchases, or based on a specified amount of time. With the Cumberland Farms SmartPay system, the savings are experienced immediately at the point of purchase. When the user swipes their card and enters their pin, the price at the pump will literally drop by 10 cents.

2. Flexibility and Functionality

In addition to the substantial savings that is offered through this program, there is a great deal of functionality and flexibility in the way that the system can be used. For the person who is used to using their credit card to pay, the SmartPay swipe card may be ideal for them to take advantage of the program; however, for the person who is tech savvy, the use of the SmartPay mobile app may be a better fit. The SmartPay mobile app allows the person to pay through their smartphone without the need for a card.

3. Secure Payment Process

With identity theft becoming more prevalent, the ability to make payments securely, without fear of having personal data compromised, it has become necessary for businesses to provide payment mediums and processes that are safe and secure. Cumberland Farms has partnered with the National Payment Card Association, which is the leader in facilitating business specific payment cards. This partnership has resulted in the creation of a highly secure payment process that offers the customer the security that is necessary to provide the confidence to use the system without worrying about any kind of data breach.

4. Added Security Measures

Through the National Payment Card Association, the Cumberland Farms SmartPay program not only offers a secure payment process, but the company goes to great lengths to protect their customer’s privacy. The NPCA monitors the information they collect and they use a number of safety measures in their general safety protocol to ensure that all data that is collected as a part of the payment process is not only protected from a security breach, but they also promise to never share or sell the personal data of a person.

5. It is Absolutely Free

Normally, there are fees that are associated with payment cards and credit cards; however, the SmartPay card is free, which simply magnifies the benefit associated with what is saved at the pump.

Using the Cumberland Farms SmartPay card allows the company to avoid the fees that are commonly associated with credit card and debit card purchases, and the company subsequently passes on the savings to the customer. This is a great way to save money.


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