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Banking Sense: Personal Finance Blog

Our mission is to enrich the lives of our readers (literally!) by providing the very best personal finance content on the internet. Our readers may be at different stages in life, with different personal finance situations and needs: One person may be looking to get their first credit card, another might be looking into how to get a mortgage to buy a home, some may be looking for ways to afford or finance a college education for themselves or their children, many want to know how to improve their credit score, and still others might be planning for retirement. And just about everyone can benefit from information about saving money and creating a family budget. Because there are so many different areas of banking and finance you need to learn about throughout your lifetime, we cover a wide range of personal finance topics. That helps us offer helpful advice and information for every stage in the lives of our readers. But we want to hear from our readers, too: We encourage you to share your life experiences and personal finance tips or banking by commenting on the articles that you read. With you we can create a community that can draw off the experiences of each other and contribute to everyone’s success.